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What is this Service?

Microblading Permanent Make-up Removal

Semi permanent makeup removal and correction can help if you’ve tried semi permanent make-up before, but ended up with results you’re unhappy with. We can colour correct, lighten or improve your original treatment to help you achieve the results you originally wanted.

The solution is tattooed into the pigmented area. The formula is safe does not contain harmful chemicals which is designed to completely remove pigments from the body. After the treatment is finished, the skin will return to its natural state over a period of several weeks.

Typically, several sessions are  required to completely remove a tattoo. The amount will depend on the colours, depth of pigments or saturation .

How it changes after the service?

Before and After Images

Before Removal
After Removal
Why Choose Us?

Our Unique Features

Relaxing Atmosphere
Makes your every minute at our clinic highly comfortable.
Extremely Hygienic
We make sure that you are 100% safe when you visit our clinic.
High Quality
We use Standard Quality Equipment's which are tested for services.
Professional Service
A globally accredited Professional Trainer at your service.
How It Affects Your Life?

Benefits of Service

  • Enhance your look by rectifying uneven eyebrows.
  • Smudge proof and waterproof, It doesn’t smear off.
  • Time Saver by Delivering a natural looking eyebrow.
  • Great alternative for those sensitive to Eyebrow make up.
  • The microblading session would only take about 2 hours.
  • It is a painless procedure and can last longer up to 3 years.
  • Need and want an easy 24-hour a day beauty and confidence.

Frequently Asked Questiosn

How many treatments do I have to have?
Although results from first treatment are immediately visible, semi permanent makeup can be removed in as little as three treatments. Body tattoos usually require up to six treatments.
Is it painful?
Numbing will be applied to make the process as painless as possible. As everyone’s pain threshold is different, just let us know if you feel any pain and we will be happy to add more numbing to make you feel as comfortable as possible during the treatment.
How long between each treatment?
Come back after 4 weeks as it is the time needed for new skin to grow so that the skin is strong enough for us to do another session. We do encourage waiting longer in between treatments if possible as it gives your skin more time to heal. The body is very smart if we keep traumatizing the same area it will no longer respond by kicking out the color. The longer you wait the more effective each treatment is.
What Care must be taken during healing Process?
There might be some redness on the skin after treatment depending on the client’s skin sensitivity. After the procedure and for as long as you have the scab on the skin, keep the treated area dry for 3 days. As scabs form pigment will come off but do not pick this can cause infection. Therefore application of aftercare antiseptic soothing cream is important to prevent infection and enhance healing 2-3 times a day. You want to leave it alone and wait for the scabs to fall off once they are ready. Scab shedding might takes 7-14 days or even more.
Can skin be exposed to cosmetics, sun or Water?
No makeup or cosmetics on area for the next 10 days. Try to avoid excessive sweating or going under sun or swimming for 2 weeks


I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jhoveth to anyone thinking of having their eyebrows getting fixed From my first visit to having the treatment, I was made to feel totally relaxed and happy. Jho explains/discusses everything with you before doing anything and only when your totally happy the treatment is done. (Painless) Thanks Jho your a star! 👍
Hurbls XXXX
My brows look amazing and natural. I met Jhoveth after I was botched by another salon and she was honest, caring and a true professional. Could not recommend enough! Amazing results!!