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Our Latest Permanent Under Eye Concealer

As we get older, we lose some of the fat and collagen surrounding our eyes.
This loss, combined with the thinning of our skin, magnifies the appearance of dark eye circles.

Those dark circles under our eyes can be such a downer. They make us look older and they make us look tired.

If you’re self-conscious about the dark circles under your eyes, permanent concealer could be a wonderful cosmetic solution for you. At Jhoveth Lee-Overy Aesthetic Clinic we’ve helped hundreds of men and women successfully reduce and eliminate the appearance of dark circles and scars through our innovative permanent concealer procedures. If you’re ready finally conceal those tired bags under your eyes or cover up any areas of skin depigmentation, contact our lovely Permanent make up artists today!

What is Permanent Under Eye Concealer?

This is one of the newest techniques available in the market for people to get in order to cover up a dark under eye circle that they want to get rid of. Also known as corrective pigment camouflage, permanent concealer will help even out your skin tone for a smooth and natural complexion.

You’ll be matched with a skin tone colour to complement you and give the area a healthier appearance. Using fine-tipped needles and the best numbing cream.

What is the procedure?

Using fine-tipped needles and the best numbing cream. This is done in several stages. Very bright pigment is applied to dark areas in several light layers. After healing a bright pigment reflects light and dark pigmentation become less noticeable.


Procedure is suitable both for women and men.

It is a painless procedure that takes 1 hour in average.

For best results achievement several procedures with an interval of six weeks are required (3-4 treatments in average)

Afterwards, you can sunbathe, but we recommend using an eye cream that contains sun protection.