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Award Winning Global Aesthetician Expert

to present you Aesthetic

Bespoke Aesthetic Services

Looking For Aesthetic Services at our clinic.

A touch of expertise to get the best of yourself with Bespoke Permanent & Semi-permanent Aesthetic services.

Bespoke Aesthetic Training Workshops

Looking For Training
from Award Winning Expert.

Professional training to boost career and become an expert beautician with courses that are Accredited by CPD, UK.

Providing courses across globe

Upcoming Training Programs
by our Aesthetic Expert.

We can help you to advance your career with one-to-one training in United Kingdom, Philippines, China, India, Germany and even Virtual Workshop.

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Why Choose Us.

What makes Jhoveth Lee-Overy
Best in the Industry.

Our mission is to provide high-quality Aesthetic services to clients in a relaxing and hygienic atmosphere.
Moreover, training in a friendly learning environment as well as help you with all aspects of setting up your own business.

Professional Service

A globally accredited Professional Trainer at your Bespoke service.

Relaxing Atmosphere

Makes your every minute at our clinic highly comfortable & peace of mind.

Extremely Hygienic

We make sure that you are 100%
safe when you visit our clinic.

High Quality

We use Standard Quality Equipment's which are tested for services.

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