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Be one of the few to be trained by international Bespoke Microblading Expert, Jhoveth Lee-Overy.

Exclusive Opportunity to advance your career to the next level with our Bespoke Microblading Training Course in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

One day online study and 2 days practical.

Microblading Training Course With Practical & Theory Sessions led by Master Jhoveth.

Jhoveth Lee-Overy Trainer

Jhoveth Lee-Overy

International Bespoke Microblading Trainer


Our Training Program consist of
theory as well as practical modules.

3 Days Intensive Training

1 Day online study & 2 Days practical.
(Accommodation on Request)

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Birmingham Airport Marriott Hotel
Luxurious hotel with superb facilities.

Beginner Friendly

This course doesn't require any previous knowledge, we will provide you all onsite.

What you will learn in our Microblading Training Workshop:

Microbalding Course provided by one of the worlds most trusted aesthetic experts Jhoveth Lee-Overy a friendly and in-depth lessons will prepare you for fantastic careers in aesthetics.

Our focus was to develop a course that offered extensive practical experience and a course that provided students with enough confidence to start up a successful career in microblading on completion of training.

You will be provided with premium documentation and branded starter kit that will be enough for 20 treatments for your clients. Besides that, you will also be provided with Ready-to-go Market Plan along with a wide range of step-by-step marketing strategies.

Unlike other trainers, it’s not just a training course, we will offer lifetime consultation and support.

We ensure that we adapt our teaching strategies to ensure each student continues to progress into a microblading artist.

Training Package:

  • Beginner Friendly Course.
  • Full Microblading In-depth Lessons.
  • 3 Day Intensive Course.
  • CPD approved Certificate.
  • Well Documented Course Materials.
  • In-depth Practical Session.
  • Trusted Industry Expert.
  • One-to-One Discussions.
  • Lifetime Support & Consultation.
  • Aesthetic Business Secrets & Methods.
  • Most Comprehensive Training Package
  • Latest Advanced Korean Techniques.
  • Exclusive Branded Starter Kit.
  • Ready-to-go Business Plan.
  • Proven Marketing Strategy.
  • Insurance Advisory.
  • Access to Insider Business Supplies.
  • Business Case-study.
  • Premium Training Place.
  • Free Car Parking & WiFi.
  • Premium Lunch Provided.
  • Lodging on Request. (Extra Cost)


Course Recognition, Awards and Other Information:

All our courses are fully Insurable and Accredited by many national and international Groups in the beauty sector.

CPD Logo Jhoveth Leee Overy Logo

Check out our Students Testimonials

How our previous students across globe have advanced their career with our one day Intensive course.

Enhance your Aesthetic Career like our Students.

Here’s a short glance, on how our previous students across the globe have altered there life by attending our Bespoke Microblading Training Course.


Students Increased Clinic Footfall with Microblading service.


Easily Multi-Folded Initial Course Investements Individual Cost.


Average price for Microblading in Industry. (Varies on Location)


Monthly potential earnings if Three Booking per day. (£300*3*30 Days)

Please Note: Number have been reported by our alumni and doesn’t guarantee success and you earning same. It varies based on individual performance. You may earn based on your location, prices, skills & performances.

Course Package Summary


Intensive Training

Learn from Industry Expert and rigorously develop the aesthetic skills to perfection with detailed lectures in the market.


Practical Training

Training Workshop with practical training to groom you with ready-to-go Market Skills. Start your Clinic pretty next day!


Free Starter Kit

Premium Branded starter kit included with all required tools to perform treatments from next day. (Easily lasts 20 Sessions.)


Accredited Certificate

Accredited by CPD United Kingdom Accreditation Group which is recognized worldwide in the beauty sector.


Insurance Assistance

We can provide and help you set-up your insurance cover.


Business Opportunity

How to setup your business and what are the assets to make it more professional & how to multi-fold your profits.


Marketing Training

Includes guidance on how to promote your business locally as well as on various digital platforms (Paid Adverts Included.)


Premium Lunch Included

Prestigious Training location to enjoy the spare time with beverages and meals at no added cost.

Free treatment kit that has potential to generate £5000 worth of sales.*


Potential Earning with Starter Kit.
£250 * 20 Sessions = £5,000.

11.5% Disc.

Exclusive Discount on Reordering Treatment kit post starter kit.

Microblading Training Course

One day online study and 2 days practical.

£ 1299.00

Regular Price £2500

  • Unlimited Support and Guidance.
  • CPD approved Certificate.
  • Exclusive Branded Starter Kit.
  • Working Buffet Lunch
  • Arrival Break, Morning & Afternoon Snacks
  • Unlimited Tea and Coffee
  • Chilled, Filtered Water
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Book now as we have limited availability for these dates!

Course Content

  • Introduction to Microblading:
  • Frequently asked questions
  • History of Microblading
  • Advanced skin anatomy
  • Pigmentology
  • Microblading equipment and products
  • Maintaining hygiene standards
  • Business rules and guidelines
  • How to conduct a consultation
  • How to set up prices
  • How to use the Microblading tool
  • Working on latex
  • Step-by-step pattern
  • How to prepare your workplace
  • Eyebrow shaping and symmetry
  • Microblading treatment
  • Working on live model
  • Aftercare
  • Advanced technicques
  • Aesthetic secrets
  • Business guidelines
  • Setup your own clinic
  • Marketing Ttreatments
  • Insurance advisory
  • Case Study
  • Graduation ceremony and much more…
Microblading Course Manchester

About Jhoveth Lee-overy

Learn from U.K's Leading Aesthetic Expert.

Miss World Model | Philliphino Dermaplaning Awards and Much more.

Jhoveth Lee-Overy Trainer

We are a professional training provider for Dermaplaning and other semi permanent treatments across the UK and Europe. Our mission is to provide high quality training in a friendly learning environment as well as help you with all aspects of setting up your own business.

We provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to enable you to confidently and competently provide these much sought after treatments to your clients at the highest standard.

Our courses are one day comprehensive courses including both theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to carry out safe, effective treatments.

We take our responsibilities as a training provider seriously, this means that our courses are extremely thorough. This level of training will give you the skills and knowledge to stand out from competitors. We also cover business information and tips to help our participants succeed.

Ongoing support is available after the courses for as long as needed, we don’t put time limits on this. Our trainer is an experienced Aesthetic Practitioner. She runs her own busy aesthetic clinic in London, providing Dermaplaning and many and many other semi permanent treatments.

We offer a variety of support after the course with how to set up your business as well as full product supply. Bespoke one to one training courses are available to book.

Book now as we have limited availability for these dates!

Premium Training Locations'

In our training workshops, we select exclusive resorts for our students. They are perfectly relaxing and calm to learn
new things, moreover a perfect place to enjoy the spare time with beverages and meals at no added cost.

Free Wi-fi

Free Car Parking

Unlimited Tea & Coffee

Quality Lunch Provided

Training Conference Room-cleaned


All Training are conducted
in Luxury Prestigious locations.

  • Video-Based References.
  • Premium Services.
  • Memorable Course Experience.
  • Chilled, Filtered Water.
  • Recyclable Pads & Pens.
  • One-to-One Discussions.
  • Luxurious Dinning Experience
  • Stationery Box
  • State-of-Art Facilities.
  • Versatile Venues.
  • Relaxing Surrounding
  •  And Much more to explore.

Course Hospitality

  • Working Buffet Lunch
    (including salads, hot meat/fish and vegetarian dishes, side dishes, mini desserts).
  • Arrival Break, Morning & Afternoon Snacks (Chef’s choice).
  • All Day Unlimited Tea & Coffee.
  • Chilled, Filtered Water.
Course Hospitality

Premium & Best-in-class Training location

*All the photographs are copyrights of respective owners. And are just used for references and review purpose. Please contact us in case of copyright issues.

Book now as we have limited availability for these dates!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Course Accredited?

Yes, All courses provided by us are fully Insurable & Accredited by CPD United Kingdom Accreditation Group which is institution recognized worldwide in the beauty sector.

I have no beauty Skills or background, is this course fine for me?

Yes, this course is suitable for beginners as well as advanced participants.

Is Food and beverages provided with course free?

Yes, the food and beverages provided with course are absolutely free.

Do you provide support post course?

Yes, we give lifetime consultation to our students for all cases guidance, business support and marketing.

Do you provide realistic Practical Training?

Yes, all the practical trainings provided by our trainer are also carried out on clients/models.

What after starter kit is used up?

You can Re-order the starter kit at 11.5% discount form us.

Request call back!

Not sure, if course is right for you?
Talk to expert to get detailed Course Info.

Business Setup Glance

At certain additional cost, we offer you services to setup your business with ease.

Bronze Package


£ 150.00 / Month

Only for our Students 70% Off

Regular Price £500

  • Domain Name Registration
  • Fast Loading Website Hosting
  • Logo with Unlimited Revision
  • Basic Website Template
  • Business Card Design
  • Tested and Proven Sales Posters

Silver Package

Every thing in Bronze Plus

£ 300.00 / Month

Only for our Students 70% Off

Regular Price £1000

  • Custom Website Designing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Automated Booking Setup (Paid)
  • Business Accounting Services
  • Tested and Proven Sales Posters
  • Price List Brochure (2x15) or (1x30) Pages

Gold Package

Every thing in Silver Plus

£ 500.00 / Month

Only for our Students 70% Off

Regular Price £1500

  • Social Media Advertising Post (One Per Week)
  • One 1000 word Blog / Week. (x4)
  • Full Service Video (4-5 Min)
  • Paid Advertising Account Setups
  • Brochure & Other Stationery with Revisions
  • And much more included.

Have any Queries, Drop us an email.

Send us an email and we will send you all information regarding course or drop us a message on this number!

    Book now as we have limited availability for these dates!